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Treatment of alcoholism

Treatment of alcoholism is possible only in conditions of complex work with a narcologist and psychologist. It is important to understand that even under professional supervision, relapses occur in 75 % of cases. But a qualified doctor can recognize the approaching stall and prevent it. There is an extensive classification of criteria for approaching failure, which is used by specialists.

Alcoholism is a disease, not a habit. You can't get rid of it yourself. Psychotherapy is selected strictly individually, taking into account the conditions and characteristics of alcoholism, individual, and personal characteristics of the patient. Depending on the case, rational psychotherapy, Directive, social, mediated, or psychological is used:

  • Rational psychotherapy is indicated for patients with Psychotrauma (the cause of alcoholism), who do not understand their problem, inferiority complex, skeptical of treatment.
  • Directive psychotherapy is prescribed to people without demands and claims, incapable of reflection, infantile, obeying orders, and outside influence.
  • Social psychotherapy is used in the treatment of people who need social activity (seeking recognition, inclined to leadership), change of social circle, change of social status (profession, place of residence, family, business and friendly relationships).
  • Mediated psychotherapy is shown to trust, suggestible and fearful patients, anxious, infantile, and pedantic individuals who feel the need for direction and support in life.
  • Psychological therapy is prescribed to people who need self-education and pedagogical correction, self-improvement, distraction, attention switching (changing the direction of activity).

Alcohol use disorder: Mayo Clinic Radio

Also, aversive therapy and suggestive, autogenic training, muscle relaxation, neuro-linguistic programming, supportive therapy (assistance in social recovery), correction of marked personality disorders, and family psychotherapy are used. Group therapy is used, the most popular methods of which are:

  • affective countertribution;
  • collective emotional and stress therapy Rozhnova;
  • coding by Dovzhenko;
  • tablets Antabuse;
  • a mass of emotional-aesthetic psychotherapy;
  • tablets Revia
  • creative expression therapy;
  • the group of anonymous alcoholics.

How to get rid of alcohol addiction?

Alcoholism is a huge social problem. If there is a drinker in the family, all the other members inevitably suffer and hope that the drinker will be able to stop drinking on their own.

Tips to help end alcoholism:

Protect a person suffering from alcoholism from drinking companions. To avoid harm to the patient, inform the doctor about all procedures for treatment at home. He will tell you about all the consequences and give important recommendations.

Do not neglect the help of an experienced hypnologist, with which you can lose the symptoms of addiction. Follow all the doctor's instructions and use the recommended medications.

Is there an alcoholic in the family? Convince them of the importance of medical intervention – do not rely on self-treatment, which can turn into disastrous results. It happens that the patient is ready to get rid of the disease, but insufficient willpower restricts it. Convince him to see a doctor. First, go to the consultation yourself, tell the patient about possible treatment. The method varies depending on the stage of the disease and the individual characteristics of the patient's body-a specialist will tell you more.

In parallel with the main treatment, folk methods are used in the form of hot baths and baths that remove toxins and improve blood circulation. Any chosen option must be discussed with your doctor and make sure that there are no contraindications.

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